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We have personally spent millions of dollars split testing and optimising our sales funnel so YOU get the very best conversions for your traffic.

We follow up with every optin that doesn't buy to sell them on the great features and benefits of a Keto diet and also follow up with the buyers to upsell additional products to really maximise the ROI from every lead.

What's more, we know how important it is to minimize refunds and chargebacks...

Your account may be flooded with commissions BUT we want you to keep it which is why we have made a product people actually LOVE and provide first class support for any questions they may have.

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Create Your Affiliate Links
To start promoting the 'Custom Keto Diet' offer you first need to register an account with Digistore24, it's very easy and wont take more than 30 seconds.

If they don't have an account with Digistore they can get one here:

Once you have opened your Digistore account you simply need to send traffic to this link:

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Affiliate Links

IMPORTANT: If you post yoir affiliate link into Facebook or Google it WILL NOT work because these platforms do not allow affiliate links so its best practice to never direct link to our pages.  

**If you would like to promote Custom Keto Diet on social media or run paid traffic, you will need to use your own pre-sell page or qualifier page and link to our site from your page with your affiliate link**
Please ensure you are following the best practices. This will help all affiliates avoid any issues with their affiliate links.
  • Organic Posts in Facebook and Bio links in Instagram should be safe to use, but we still recommend bridging / intermediary pages.
  • We do not recommend running Facebook or IG ads directly to theses pages, or boosting posts. This can go against FB Terms and will risk getting your account terminated.
  • ​Only email to Opted-In email subscribers
promotional guidelines
Affiliates Please Note:

Affiliates can NOT directly link to our checkout.
Affiliates can NOT directly link to the discounted checkout.
Affiliates can NOT directly link to the discount sales page.
Affiliates can NOT advertise your own bonuses or anything additional.
Affiliates can NOT claim to represent Custom Keto Diet.
Affiliates can NOT advertise incorrect/discounted pricing.
Affiliates can NOT run any PPC brand campaigns. This includes but is not limited to Google (or any Google property), Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest nor bid on any Custom Keto Diet branded keywords.
Affiliates are NOT permitted to use ANY before/after photos that belong to Custom Keto Diet in their online promotions without permission.

Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.
Customer Demographics
Here is an overview of our customer demographics.
Tracking / Pixels

You can now place your pixels in a matter of minutes using Clickbank’s integrated tracking feature. No waiting around or troubleshooting pixels when they don’t fire!

How to place your pixel in minutes?

Follow the Clickbank guide below to place your own tracking pixels of any kind:


If you need your pixel(s) hard-coded or you require a specific custom installation, feel free to contact us using our details on this page.


If you would like to promote Custom Keto Diet on Social Media, we highly recommend you host your own pre-sell page or qualifier page and link to our site from your lander with your affiliate link. 

IMPORTANT: Never direct link to our VSL page

Landing Page Software

The easiest place to create your landing page is Clickfunnels. Click here to sign up

Hint: Make sure you include a Privacy, Disclaimer, and Contact page in the footer of your landing page.

Pre-Sell Pages

We have created some pre-sell pages that you can clone directly into ClickFunnels. Please use the link below. 

You can preview them using the links below: 

Lead Magnets

Feel free to distribute our free 'lead magnets' to potential customers.

If you’re not aware of what a lead magnet is, a lead magnet is an incentive that marketers can offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

After they download the lead magnet you can redirect them to our sales page using your affiliate link and follow up with them via email about the benefits of the Custom Keto Diet.

Lead Magnet #1 (Deliciously Easy Keto Recipes)
 Click here to download


Below you will find a selection of static and animated banners and images of all sizes.

To use these on your website simply copy the code beneath the banner you wish to use and replace the xxxxx with your affiliate link.


Please feel free to use the keywords in the file below for your SEO and article campaigns alongside keywords related to our Custom Keto Diet brand name.

Email Swipes

Our professionally written email swipes are perfect to send to your list and start earning commissions today.

These are not your run of your mill emails, they are both interesting and informative whilst selling your prospects on the keto diet and how it will benefit them all backed with scientific studies and references to back up our claims.

Remember to insert the subscriber name and your affiliate link where prompted.

Please note: Only send to opted-in subscribers. Do not SPAM or you will be blacklisted from promoting the product.

*NEW FOR 2022* Email Swipes


How To Start a Keto Diet

Intermittent Fasting & Keto
 Click here to download

A Guide To Keto
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #1 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #2 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #3 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #4 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #5 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #6 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #7 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #8 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

Recipe Video Set #9 (10 Videos)
 Click here to download

How much commission do you offer affiliates per sale?
We offer 75% on all our digital products (including upsells), we also have higher priced physical products in our flow and affiliates receive 40% commission from these sales.
How many up-sells do you have?
We have 3 up-sells and 1 down-sell after they purchase the initial product. 
Can I use material from your website i.e logos, images, testimonials etc for my promotions?
Absolutely, you can use anything from our website to use with your promotions, you DO NOT have to ask us for permission.
Can I use email marketing to promote your product?
Yes of course, we have professionally written email templates for you to use HERE and of course you are welcome to use your own. Please do not SPAM, you should only email optin subscribers that you have permission to email.
Can you give me a review copy?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer review copies but you are welcome to purchase it through your affiliate link so that you will save 75% of the price.
Contact us
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